Serena Wiley is an extraordinary musician. Growing up in the southern country of McCleansville, North Carolina and pulling from the sounds of nature, music on the radio, and Sunday car ride conversations on her way to church, Serena has gathered a lot of information to help develop her musical sound.

Marrying her voice with the tenor saxophone, a pen, paper, and spoken word, Serena combines those elements for an eclectic sound- blending jazz, spoken word and rhythm and blues.

She writes about love, life, and how those experiences have shaped her outward expression.

Her freshman album "Serena Wiley featuring The Light Under The Sun,"features her velvet voice, poetic language, and interchanging melodic expression between flute and tenor saxophone. The live instrumental sound is supported by computerized, well produced sounds to balance the natural and digitized world.

Although the album is in it's infancy, Serena Wiley has major plans to continue to promote more music of the like and beyond. Her artistry is never compromised.